What Are The Rarest Blood Types in the World?

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What is the Rarest Blood Type?

Update: Want to get yours or a friends blood type tested? You can order a test online here or purchase your own at-home test kit here.

Curious if you have the most rare blood type in the world?

There are 8 major blood type variations of the common A, B, AB, O groups.

Here they are in a list from most rare to most common:

1) Is AB Negative a Rare Blood Type?

AB Negative blood wins for the rarest blood type.

1 in every 167 people is born with AB- Blood.

(About .6% of the population).

Random AB Negative Blood Fact: People with this blood type are universal plasma donors.

2) Is B Negative a Rare Blood Type?

B Negative blood is the second most rare type.

1 in every 67 people is born with B- Blood.

(About 1.5% of the population).

Random B Negative Blood Facts:?This blood type can be sensitive to lectins in some foods. They can also react more strongly to stress with higher cortisol (stress hormone) responses. A plus is that, when healthy, this blood type can be more physically fit than other blood types.

3) Is AB Positive a Rare Blood Type?

AB Positive blood type is the third most rare.

1 in every 29 people is born with AB+ Blood.

(About 3.4% of the population).

Random AB Negative Blood Facts: People with AB- blood are known to be spiritual and empathetic. They are considered prone to having friendly, emotional and passionate natures.

4) Is A Negative a Rare Blood Type?

A Negative blood is the fourth most rare type.

1 in every 16 people is born with A- Blood.

(About 6.3% of the population).

Random A Negative Blood Facts: Type A blood type individuals are associated with potentially having higher than usual cortisol levels. Stress management is key for these people.

5) Is O Negative a Rare Blood Type?

How rare is O negative blood type?

O Negative blood is the fifth most rare type.

1 in every 15 people is born with O Blood.

(About 6.6% of the population).

Random O Negative Blood Facts: O negative individuals can be predisposed to digestive issues and ulcers. This is because they may have higher than normal levels of stomach acids. Positively, O negative individuals are better able to digest protein and fat-rich meals.

6) Is B Positive a Rare Blood Type?

B positive blood is the sixth most rare type.

1 in every 12 people is born with B+ Blood.

(About 8.5% of the population).

Random B+ Blood Facts: B positive individuals are known to have personalities strong in originality, flexibility, creativity and people skills. They learn well through listening and reflection.

7) Is A Positive a Rare Blood Type?

A Positive blood is the seventh most rare blood type.

1 in every 3 people is born with A+ Blood.

(About 35.7% of the population).

Random A Positive Blood Facts: A+ blood type people are known to have analytical and visionary minds. They are detail oriented, expansive and adept companions.

8) Is O Positive a Rare Blood Type?

O Positive blood is the eighth most rare type, i.e. the most common type!

1 in every 3 people is born with O- Blood.

(About 37.4% of the population).

Random O+ Blood Facts: O+ blood type individuals can be prone to a high prevalence of fight-flight response and it’s associated cortisol release. Relaxing activities and habits are important for these people.

Want to know what type of blood you have?

You can easily get your blood tested to examine what your own blood type is. I affiliate with an online blood testing vendor – True Health Labs – that offers this test.

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What Blood Types are Compatible with Mine?

If you went and got your blood tested I’m sure you’re curious what blood types you can donate to or receive from through blood donation or transfusion.

Here is a handy chart to refer to:

Rare Blood Type Transfusion List

Want to represent your blood type?

You can buy keychain?tags to keep with you that have written on them the type of blood you have.

If you ever get into an accident you will also help any medics by carrying your tag. If you are left unconscious then having a tag could save your life.

You can find the tags here for $6.

Good luck!

30 thoughts on “What Are The Rarest Blood Types in the World?”

  1. Ummm not sure why for every blood type starting with A – you finish the statements with ” 1 in every (different number) people are born with **** B- BLOOD **** followed by a percentage.

    ” B- BLOOD ” is in every statement from A- to A+. I am just a bit confused. Can you clarify.


    1. Don’t pay attention to the subject of what blood type is rare in all actuality all blood types are rare to a point. this list just lets the viewer see how rare their blood is compared to other people. Whats more important is who you can get blood from that makes you stand out. O+ can only receive from their own type or O-

  2. as far as i know i am RH-, now i am super confused all a sudden because i thought that was my blood type, but now what i am hearing is that i am either a, b, ab, or o -, how am i suppose to know which letter i am. all i know is that i am rh-, and every time i get pregnant i have to get a rho gam shot in my butt cheek and at the time of delivery, or else me and the baby can die or have to get a complete blood transfusion. please help me figure this out. thanks, confused in tacoma wa..lol

    1. Go donate blood, they’ll tell you your type 🙂 , or if you ever had surgery, that doctor can tell you your blood type

      1. you can have an Rh- blood type and not have type B blood. ABO is different from Rh. (see: anyone with A-, O-, or AB- blood.)

    2. It is because you have negative blood. RH negative requires the shot, when are having a baby, this is for any future births.

    3. RH factor is just what you become when you have negative blood and your baby has positive blood. i was AB- when i was pregnant and the father of my baby was 0+ so that made my baby AB+ so that is when the RH Factor came in. The Rh factor test is done during pregnancy to identify a woman’s Rh factor. In some cases, the baby’s father might need an Rh factor test, too.

      During pregnancy, problems can occur if you’re Rh negative and the baby you’re carrying is Rh positive. Usually, your blood does not mix with your baby’s blood during pregnancy. However, during delivery or certain times during pregnancy, a small amount of your baby’s blood could come in contact with your blood.

      If you’re Rh positive, Rh incompatibility isn’t a concern. If you’re Rh negative and your baby is Rh positive, however, your body might produce proteins called Rh antibodies after exposure to the baby’s red blood cells. The antibodies produced aren’t a problem during the first pregnancy. The concern is with your next pregnancy. If your next baby is Rh positive again, your body will produce Rh antibodies that can cross the placenta and damage the baby’s red blood cells. This could lead to life-threatening anemia, a condition in which there are not enough red blood cells. If this condition is not prevented, each Rh positive baby you carry after your first pregnancy might have severe anemia.

  3. I want to know what is the best foods to eat being I am a AB- blood type and what is the worse to eat, Can you please tell me I am a diabetic and I need to loss weigh like yesterday . please help I don’t have money to be buying pills I will go to grocrey store and buy the food I will need if some is wilong to tell me with out charging me. Thank you.

    1. You need to see an 8 Constitution Doctor. Ecmed.org. Read the information. This type of Doctor will tell you exactly what body type according to your pulses, Organs, that you are. This exam provides a complete regimen on how to eat, what to avoid, how to breathe, excersize etc…Eating for your body type will create a clean, healthy, balanced body. Along with Tumeric, Alkaline Water thus staving off inflammation, bloating, Disease & maintain regular Accupuncture?? I am RH B- ?

  4. Valerie Stephenson

    Just wondering – you state that the blood group AB Rhesus positive is the ‘rarest’ blood group; but in your listing it comes out as the ‘3rd rarest’ what then are the two rarest blood groups? Would be interested to hear and I also add to my blood group an anti-D.

    1. You cannot donate blood to anyother blood type because the antigens on your red blood cells will be denied by the recipients body. So if you donate to a type B recipient, then the type A antigens on your blood will be rejected causing problems. Same thing with type A recipients. You can’t donate to O because it doesn’t have any antigens, so it will reject your blood altogether. The reason you can only donate to AB+ recipients is due to your Rh factor being positive. It’s like the antigens if they don’t have it also, it will be rejected.

  5. marilyn donnelly

    When I was pregnant with my third baby. the doc said my blood type was ab neg.my doc had me do blood test to know what my tybor count was,i still do not know what that count means. I had an operation and the hospital said my blood type was not negative.so they said blood types don’t change.so where do I [email protected]
    Marilyn donnelly

  6. I have A- blood type., i want to share something that happened to me , and couldve caused major problems with my unborn daughter at the time . Everyone who is Rh- knows that w have to get the rogham shot at 28 wks and after birth if your child has a positive blood type , i gonna Terry to make this short , i. Had gotten pregnant With My little one and was told that i had become sensitized. , which means , the rhogham shot no longer Worked for me , the shot would be senseless , not knowing my daughter’s blood type at that time , ii had to be monitered Very closey thru my whole pregnancy ,titers checked , talks about. What could happen , such as my LO Might need a blood
    transfusion. before and after birth . i was petrified , i didn’t understand how i. became sensitized., or what it even meant , had it explained , buti didn’t get it 100% In the end my titer levels stayed low and my lil one came out with A- like me , thank god. To the women. Who are rh negative., and are having kids the shot is VERY IMPORTANT. ‘after our first child mostly ‘ but accidents happen , if you are furtger than 28 wks and haven’t gotten the rho gham. Be sure to just remind., They said if you have a miscarriage or terminate a pregnancy., DO NOT forget to go back for check up , and get your after shot too. I still am not 100% sure on why i became sensitized , i believe it was a miscarriage., that i thought was my menstrual cycle , bc its always paibful. Just be aware and if anyone can refresh me on what it exactly means
    To be sensitized. I was told about antigens and titers and all kinds of different things, seriously never understood. 100%

    1. OA is a combination of O from one parent and A from another parent, the A cancels the O so your blood type is A in simple form because the A is dominant over O

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