What Does MCV Mean in a Blood Test? All about High, Low, Normal Ranges

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MCV in Blood TestWhat is MCV in a Blood test?

MCV is a blood test marker that measures red blood cells.

You’re given a result for it once you’ve completed a?Complete Blood Count?test.

So what do the results of this test marker measure?

MCV is the total volume of packed red blood cells (hematocrit), divided by the total number of red blood cells.?Then the result of this division is multiplied by 10.

So hematocrit ? total red blood cell count x 10 = MCV

Fun stuff.

At any rate, you don’t actually have to know anything about how they get the number.

You just have to know what the number we’ve been given means for your health.

What is the Normal Range of MCV Blood Test Results?

The normal reference range for MCV is between 78-98 FL.

This means that if your results are within – or very close to – 78-98, then you should be doing just fine.?But be sure to check your specific result papers closely, since some tests might conclude a slightly different normal range.

If your results are within the healthy range, then lucky you! You can leave this page happy.?If you’re not in the healthy range, then?let’s look at what it means for you.

What Does a High MCV Test Result Mean?

If your MCV levels are in the higher range (Above 98 FL) there could be a variety of causes.

Here’s a list of a few risky conditions associated with high MCV:

  • Liver disease
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Myelofibrosis
  • Marrow Aplasia
  • Reticulocytosis
  • Vitamin B12 Deficiency

If you have a particularly high result you’re going to want to get some extra tests done.

The most common cause of high MCV results is Macrocytic Anemia, also called Macrocytosis. This means that your blood cells are too large. If your results are high your doctor will likely want to run further tests. But note that elevated levels are often a benign or very low risk.

What Does a Low MCV Test Result Mean?

Typical low readings are around?60-70 FL.

Just like a low reading, there’s a variety of reasons why you result might be high. The most common cause being anemia.

In this case, it is Microcytic Anemia or Microcytosis. This is a condition that involves an abnormally low amount of hemoglobin in the blood (a substance that that helps carry oxygen to cells).?If you think you’re low readings might be due to anemia, you might want to?get tested for anemia.?Microcytosis is more dangerous than Macrocytosis. It is definitely something you should have checked out.

Low results can also be due to iron deficiency, inadequate dietary intake, gastrointestinal blood loss or?menstruation,?allergies, chronic disease, lead poisoning and kidney failure.

For more in-depth information consult with your doctor.


24 thoughts on “What Does MCV Mean in a Blood Test? All about High, Low, Normal Ranges”

  1. Hi I am so worried today I have done my blood test and the result is hgb 11.6 Normale Range 13.0 18.0
    Rbc 6.6
    Mcv 55
    Mch 17
    Mchc 31
    Pleteless 323000
    Tlc 6.700
    Is this dangerous plz let me know ??

  2. I’m a little concerned as I’ve just started to have pain/tenderness to touch just under my right rib near the liver area. Battling a uterus infection at the moment and just found out I’ve got HPV as well that needs biopsied to check for cancerous cells. Should I go back for more bloodwork? The doctor who orders these did it as a favor and I can’t follow up with them.

    MCV: 102
    Triglycerides: 150
    LDL Cholesterol: 102

  3. Just got my results on the mcv blood work, Am a Bit Worried Because the MCV Level is 104 and the Dr. I Have is a Quack Doctor. Should I Be Extremely Worried

  4. 3 days baby girl has
    Mcv 108.9
    Mch 35.2
    Mchc 31.3
    Rdwa 110.9
    Rdw 114.2
    Please say the fast answer please please docter has not in his duty

  5. Any advice on why my 7yr old son has a 98.2 Mean Cell Volume ? His results came in the mai am I haven’t been able to reach his Dr?

  6. Hello! Just have my blood test done, and some result is high.
    Lymph% – 39.2%
    MCV – 97.6 fl
    MCH – 31.8 pg
    Im slightly worried because we have a family (father) history with CKD..
    Am I unhealthy?

  7. My husband has a mcv of 78, hub 11.9,hct 37.5,mch 25.1,mchc 31.7,rdw 15.5, western esr of 59. What should he be concerned about?

  8. My MCV is 122, I do not drink, have anemia or a B12 or Iron deficiency. I am being referred to a hematologist and my Mcv has been high for a few years. Should I worry?

  9. Hi,
    I have just checked my blood test and it shows
    – Mcv 94.6 fl.
    Here in the list is written that I have high result, it should be between 82 and 92 fl.
    Is there some symptoms that my liver is not functioning normally?
    Is that dangerous?

  10. Hii ,, request for advice on below result ,,asi am worried
    mcv 98.9
    mc Hb30.1
    TSH 5.41

  11. I’m wondering: My Red Blood Count and Hemoglobin levels are normal, but I have low MCV and MCH. I’ve been told I am iron deficient anemic. Does this mean my body is producing the proper number of red blood cells, they are just abnormal/small in size?

  12. Maryam Al Boloshi

    Hi my MCV level is 56.6 and RBC COUNT is 5.83

    What does it say and is it dangerous? Do I have to perform any other tests?

  13. Hb% 10.2
    Rbc 5.75
    Tlc 12000
    Mcv 61.9
    Mch 17.3
    Mchc 28.1
    I’m so worried, comments/suggestions from an expert is needed plz.. Thanks

  14. I am a 51 year old male.
    My doctor is calling for some tests after seeing my last blood test and I am wondering how concerned I should be.
    Below are the numbers he talked with me about.
    HEMOGLOBIN = 11.6 g/dL
    HEMATOCRIT = 40.8 %
    MCV = 72.7 fL
    MCH = 20.7 pg

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